Monthly Archives: June 2014

Father’s Day Gifts Through the Generations

As I happily opened my Father’s Day gifts yesterday, I looked at my shiny new keychain and said, “Now I just need some more keys to put on this. But in a few years we won’t even have keys anymore, IoT will turn my cell phone into my keys.”

My wife and I then started discussing Father’s Day gifts through the years and we both remember exactly what we made in school for Father’s Day when we were kids: ashtrays. It’s amazing to think about it now, when smoking is relegated to a dwindling number of designated areas, but back then everyone smoked. To get a feel for how pervasive it was, just watch an episode of Mad Men.┬áNow we need to explain to our kids what an ashtray is.

How long before we hold up something like a brass key as a mysterious artifact of the past, something you only see at your grandparents’ house?

My daughter didn’t miss a beat and said, “If that happens, then we’ll just make you a cell phone case.”

And of course she’s exactly right. I can’t wait for the 3D printers to hit our schools and art/shop classes.