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Conference Calls on iPhone

I do a lot of conference calls. I love the convenience of tapping a number almost anywhere on my iPhone 6 and having it dial the number, whether it’s from a meeting in my calendar or in an email. But most conference call numbers require a pin or meeting code to connect to the meeting and for the longest time I was frustrated with having to remember the code. I finally figured out the easy way to handle the conference call and pin number.

You can provide the phone number and conference pin to the phone app if you format it like this:


That’s the call-in number, semi-colon, conference pin and pound sign. The semi-colon inserts a hard break or pause, allowing the phone to dial just the initial number. When you tap on a number that’s properly formatted, the iPhone will dial the number and the conference pin will show up in the bottom left-hand corner next to the word “Dial…”


Listen for the conference call service to answer and prompt you for the pin, then tap “Dial” and the pin number will by typed in. No more remembering the pin!

Some conference scheduling software formats the number such that this works without any changes, and for any invitations you create you can now make sure to format them the right way.

If you know you need to call in using a number that’s not formatted properly, you can still set things up so you don’t need to remember the pin. Copy the phone number and pin from wherever they are, email, document, etc., and paste it into a note in the Notes app. Format it as described above, then copy the whole thing.

Open the phone app and tap and hold for a second in the white area above the number pad. When you do, the paste menu will show up allowing you to paste in the phone number plus pin.


The phone will dial and the pin will show up in the bottom left-hand corner as before. Again, no more remembering the pin!